Monday, July 19, 2010

Great find!

Yesterday was such a beautiful afternoon so we took the kids and went to a local Antique Mall and flea market. I cannot remember the last time we were there but on Saturday I told Ed that I'd like to go out there. Must of been fate telling me to go. Ten years ago while pregnant with Madeline we were at the same location and I fell in love with an antique high chair. We thought that we'd hit the stand again on our way out so we didn't have to carry it around the whole place. (It is huge several buildings, stands, people out on blankets) Well I think you can guess what happened, it was gone and I was kicking myself.

Yesterday I walked into one of the Antique Shoppes and in a back corner I spied one. Of course there was no price tag on it, so Ed went to find the owner and we all got to talking. The price was right so we grabbed it. I am so excited! We brought it home and I cleaned it up and think it looks fantastic. I cannot wait until Charlie is old enough to use it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Only Lilly

Oy vey!
At swimming lessons today they announced that they were taking nominations for the Life guard of the week for the upcoming week, and that if you want to nominate your teacher to please go to the first aid station to do so at the end of class. Well Lillian just totally loves one of her teachers a kid named Adam so she said she wants him to get the award. She goes up to the desk and say's that she thinks that Mr. Adam should get the award because "he's good looking", she then told one of her little friends there to do the same. The whole guard house got a huge laugh out of it, several of them came up to me later on at the pool to tell me all about it. The girl that runs the pool came up to Lilly later on that day and told her to go tell Adam that he'd be chosen as the Life guard of the week. On the sly she told me that she cannot wait until Monday at swim class to announce it because she is going to have Lilly come up to the PA and tell everyone why she nominated Adam in the first place.