Sunday, May 31, 2009

Date Night

Ed And I went out to the movies last night, we seen Angels & Demons. Right from the very start I had to roll my eyes. I hate when they bastardize a great book into a crappy movie! I sat there shaking my head through out 95% of the movie. Now don't get me wrong it wasn't a bad movie at all kept me entertained and all. They 2 hrs and 20 minutes flew by. But having read the book prior to seeing the film adaption, well you know how that usually goes. Some changes really did piss me off though and I am still brooding about them today. I'd tell people to wait for the video on this one. (Did I just say video?...Woah am I dating myself, lol I meant dvd.)

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Name that tune

Ok I am coming clean, I love musical theatre. My love is rubbing off on Madeline it seems. Yesterday was listening to some music on youtube and Madeline came running in and said, "hey this is I Dreamed a Dream from Le Mis" I could of burst right there. I was like "okay smarty pants, what show is this one from" I typed in For Good from Wicked and she got it. It went on and on like that. She didn't get one wrong. Even shows that I didn't think knew she got correct. She may not have known the title of some of the shows but she knew what it was about and could tell me that. I have a new buddy to go to shows with. This is going to become Mommy and Maddie time I can see it in. I am going to take her to a show a year.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Smiles all around

Well Lillian's 5th birthday is Monday, (wow where did time go?) So anyways I decided to make cookies for her class treat. These cookies always taste better a couple of days later so I made them this morning. She has dance class Monday too so I made sure to have enough for that class also. She my not be so happy that I finished decorating them while she was in school. I hope that her class likes them. They better it was total hell making them. I hate turning on the oven in the warmer, humid weather.

Unfortunately one did not make it, but fear not he is no longer in any pain. It was a quick and easy death I promise you.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Tip toe through the tulips

Well okay no tulpis here so how about tip toe through the azaleas, rhododendron, bougainvillea, and petunias. Oh there is a blue berry and rose bush back there too. On Monday my sister and I worked hard in my backyard making this little patch of paradise. I cannot wait for it to fill out and hope that the curse of the black thumb doesn't rear it's ugly head.

The crowning jewel of my garden has yet to be placed though. My sister had my girls make a stepping stone with their hand prints, "diamonds of all colors" and the year. It is drying now and I cannot wait to add it right in the center of the petunias.

We are thinking about attacking other sections of my yard to turn into more gardens. I'd love to do a veggie one but there are just too many critters around for that I think. There is a family of bunnies that live under my neighbors garage which is right behind where I would be doing this. I bet they'd love it if I did.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh the dental drama of the past couple days

Two days ago I get a call from the school nurse. Madeline accidently threw away her retainer and was so very upset. The nurse told me that the lunch ladies looked in the garbage cans in the lunchroom and didn't find anything. (I don't believe that though), and that I was free to look in the dumpster behind the school for it. When I went there to look I was shocked to find no bags and all the trash just thrown into the dumpster. Can you say ew? So needless to say I didn't feel like sifting through half calf crap so I just ordered a new one. Madeline was scheduled for an appointment today, when I called them Monday they wanted me to still bring her in just to check on the progress. I was shocked when the dentist said that he thought tht a new mold should be made for the new retainer since her teeth straightened out so much already. I was shocked when I seen the orignal cast and her teeth now. WOW what a difference.

Yesteday Lillian had some oral surgery she had 2 cracked molars removed. She did amazingly well I was told by the Doctor and his assistant. She is on antibotics and he gave her some tylenol with codeine for the pain. I only gave that to her once she tells me that it doesn't hurt at all. My little trooper. She was so tired after that my little sweetie. Now all I need to get spacers put in her mouth. It never ends.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tick tock

What time is it? It is almost recital time! The girls costumes came in this week! SQUEE! How adaorable they look! I also wrote the copy the copy for the ad for the dance program. I had way too much fun doing that. I kind of like it, all the othe moms did too. I tried to incorperate the songs they are dancing to into them. I have until next week to change it.

The songs:
Lillian ~ Fly To Your Heart by Selena Gomez from the Tinkerbell movie.
Madeline ~ What Time Is It ~ High School Musical, Best of Both Worlds ~ Hannah Montana and Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker ballet.

Lillian you flew into our hearts on the day you were born. Congrats on your 1st recital Stinkerbell, We love you!

Madeline congrats on your 3rd recital. No matter what it is, whether you are waltzing through the flowers or rocking out the show we'll always love you!

And to end all the suspense here are the girls in their costumes...

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Ok so we really celebrated yesterday and I am totally cool with that. Ed and Madeline took me to see A Chorus Line. Lillian stayed with my mom. What a great show! I was so happy to have Madeline go with us. She was whispering to me through out the show, "mom I can do that". When we got home she had to dance for me and of course do a bunch of kick line kicks. She was so cute.

I also took my mom an my aunt out last night to the casino, gave them each some money to play with. We had a great time. I really love them both so very much. My aunt is very much like another mom to me, for awhile my mom lived in another state and she became a surrogate mother for me and grandma to my girls. I'm so very lucky that she is such a big part of my life. My girls adore her too. Her grandson couldn't ask for a more perfect grandma. No grandma in the world could love their grandchild as much as she loves hers. He's one lucky little guy.

I got to sleep in this morning which was great. I woke up aroung 10:30. I didn't have to lift a finger all day, no cooking, no cleaning. It really was the perfect day.

Friday, May 8, 2009

They just couldn't wait

My girls that is. In school they made me Mother's Day prsents and they just couldn't wait until Sunday to give them to me. While in the car waiting for Madeline dismissal, Lillian ripped open her gift and proudly handed me a Pre-K cookbook. I kind of figured that I was getting a coobook when a few weeks ago we were asked to send in a favorite family recipe. But what I didn't expect on was the kids version of one of their favorite recipes.

In an on line group that I am part of we did a recipe swap and had to make and post our thoughts on it. One of the ones I got were for these Orange Cookies that Lillian loved. So for her recipe she wrote...

Mommy takes one orange, opens it up, and mixes it with cookie dough in a batter bowl. She makes them into circles and puts them in the oven. She puts them on the stove to cool down. She lets my sister and me try it. It tastes like sugary orange.

They also had to write about something they like to do with mom. Lillian said, "I love to go to Tops with my mom. We go there to buy chicken. When we go home she cooks the chicken, and we eat it."

Madeline was all upset that Lillian got to give me her gift early so I had to ope hers too. I got some pretty handmade stationary with envelopes, a chore choser where I pick a flower out of a pot and she has to do the chore printed on it. A pretty Mother sign,a beautiful card with her picture on it.

I love it all, these homemade gifts are my favorite.