Saturday, May 30, 2009

Name that tune

Ok I am coming clean, I love musical theatre. My love is rubbing off on Madeline it seems. Yesterday was listening to some music on youtube and Madeline came running in and said, "hey this is I Dreamed a Dream from Le Mis" I could of burst right there. I was like "okay smarty pants, what show is this one from" I typed in For Good from Wicked and she got it. It went on and on like that. She didn't get one wrong. Even shows that I didn't think knew she got correct. She may not have known the title of some of the shows but she knew what it was about and could tell me that. I have a new buddy to go to shows with. This is going to become Mommy and Maddie time I can see it in. I am going to take her to a show a year.

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