Friday, May 8, 2009

They just couldn't wait

My girls that is. In school they made me Mother's Day prsents and they just couldn't wait until Sunday to give them to me. While in the car waiting for Madeline dismissal, Lillian ripped open her gift and proudly handed me a Pre-K cookbook. I kind of figured that I was getting a coobook when a few weeks ago we were asked to send in a favorite family recipe. But what I didn't expect on was the kids version of one of their favorite recipes.

In an on line group that I am part of we did a recipe swap and had to make and post our thoughts on it. One of the ones I got were for these Orange Cookies that Lillian loved. So for her recipe she wrote...

Mommy takes one orange, opens it up, and mixes it with cookie dough in a batter bowl. She makes them into circles and puts them in the oven. She puts them on the stove to cool down. She lets my sister and me try it. It tastes like sugary orange.

They also had to write about something they like to do with mom. Lillian said, "I love to go to Tops with my mom. We go there to buy chicken. When we go home she cooks the chicken, and we eat it."

Madeline was all upset that Lillian got to give me her gift early so I had to ope hers too. I got some pretty handmade stationary with envelopes, a chore choser where I pick a flower out of a pot and she has to do the chore printed on it. A pretty Mother sign,a beautiful card with her picture on it.

I love it all, these homemade gifts are my favorite.

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