Friday, March 11, 2011

4 months

Just look at my lil chub a lub! 17 pounds 1 oz & 26 inches long! He is growing like a weed. Charlie loves to stand, this boy does not want to sit. He will push with his legs if he is sitting on your lap to get into a standing position and then start to bounce. I so need to get a jumperoo for him, my arms can't take it and I am starting to get some bruises on my legs from his jumping.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

mmm mmm good

Hey what is this ting in my mouth??

Now this is different.

I'm not sure about this stuff mommy.

What am I supposed to do with this stuff?

Not that bad, can I have some more please??

Charlie had his first taste of baby cereal this morning. I always have loved seeing children's expressions as they try new foods out. I can'twait until we move onto the veggies and fruits, I cannot wait to see how he reacts to things that have an actual flavor to them.