Wednesday, May 20, 2009

oh the dental drama of the past couple days

Two days ago I get a call from the school nurse. Madeline accidently threw away her retainer and was so very upset. The nurse told me that the lunch ladies looked in the garbage cans in the lunchroom and didn't find anything. (I don't believe that though), and that I was free to look in the dumpster behind the school for it. When I went there to look I was shocked to find no bags and all the trash just thrown into the dumpster. Can you say ew? So needless to say I didn't feel like sifting through half calf crap so I just ordered a new one. Madeline was scheduled for an appointment today, when I called them Monday they wanted me to still bring her in just to check on the progress. I was shocked when the dentist said that he thought tht a new mold should be made for the new retainer since her teeth straightened out so much already. I was shocked when I seen the orignal cast and her teeth now. WOW what a difference.

Yesteday Lillian had some oral surgery she had 2 cracked molars removed. She did amazingly well I was told by the Doctor and his assistant. She is on antibotics and he gave her some tylenol with codeine for the pain. I only gave that to her once she tells me that it doesn't hurt at all. My little trooper. She was so tired after that my little sweetie. Now all I need to get spacers put in her mouth. It never ends.

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