Thursday, August 13, 2009

Been a bad bad girl

I feel so awful for not keeping up with posting this summer but have been real busy. Anyways last night was preview night at the fair, of course we went and again I won ribbons for my photographs. 3rd place for my flower and an honorable mention for my black and white. I swear everytime I enter a flower into this competition I win. I just didn't get any of the real good food last night, oh well always can get some on my next visit. Summer basically sucked here. It was rainy and cold for most of it. And now that the girls are on the verge of heading back to school we are getting the weather we should have right along.

We went on a family vacation to Orlando in early July and had a blast. It was so hard to leave 90 + degree weather and come home to no lie here 60's. Told ya the summer sucked.

Oh yeah, Lilly had her first kiss this summer. Owen a little boy from her pre-k class and his twin brother Aaron also took swim lessons at the same pool we did but they were in the class before us. During the break inbetween classes he kissed her and she has been on cloud 9 ever since. It turns out that both her and Owen will be in the same kindergarten class as well. Their poor teacher, I can picture the phone calls now.


Tyedye said...

Congrats on the ribbons! What pictures did you enter?

Neen said...

a b and white of he girls on a beach and a close up of a rose