Friday, January 21, 2011

Who da mom?

I da mom!

all this for just $9.96, go me, go me, it's my birthday.

In case you are wondering what I got,
20-ready to feed Similac baby formula,
2 gallons of milk,
2 - 2 liters of Pepsi,
Miracle Whip,
2 cans diced tomatoes,
2.29lbs stew beef,
loaf of bread,
2 pkg slow cooker beef stew mix,
2 pkg baby carrots,
1 pkg Van DeKamps fish sticks 44 count,
2.5lb Tyson chicken strips,
small bunch celery,
1/2 lb hard salami,
1 container of beef boullion,
6 cans of beef broth,
and a 20oz Pepsi

coupons & formula rebate checks ROCK!!

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