Friday, September 28, 2007

A fresh start...

Well it looks like we might be having a fresh start of things here so I will be trying to blog more.

As some of you know my husband was diagnosed with diffused large b cell lymphoma on June 8, 2007. We were extremely lucky to have caught it in the very beginning stages of this cancer. It has been a very stressful almost 4 months so far. After going for a barrage of tests and four rounds of chemotherapy we got the news that every cancer patient longs to hear. The tumor is gone. He will still be needing to go through 2 more rounds of chemo, and then the scans. From there he will be getting radiation therapy. They just want to be sure every cancer cell is dead. Don't blame them we want the same thing.

But at least now maybe our lives can get somewhat back to normal.

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