Monday, October 1, 2007

Wedding Bells

On Saturday my cousin Mary finally got married to her long time beau Cory. I have never seen her look more beautiful. She is such a laid back person, no make up, hair pulled back, most always in a sweat shirt and jeans kind of gal seeing her all dressed up even took my breath away. I took this event to spruce up my wardrobe as well. I bought two new dresses for it. One for the church and one for the reception. New shoes, I even went to get my hair done. Which is quite a feat for me since I feel guilty buying myself anything. It is that whole mom martyr thing that I have going on. Always sacrificing things that I'd like, need in favor of getting the kids more stuff that they don't need. I must admit I did feel pretty all dressed up and the compliments about my appearance flowed. I usually have that tired house wife look going on. I wish I had the time to do my hair like I had it everyday. But with two kids, a hubby, a house, and soon a dog I doubt that it will be happening anytime in the near future. Maybe when my youngest starts school. (How many days is that now?).

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