Monday, October 1, 2007

Grocery store dramas

This afternoon I took the girls to Tops to do some grocery shopping. They wanted to sit in the cart with the two plastic seats. I strapped Lillian in and was helping Madeline adjust her straps when I heard a blood curdling scream. A bee had stung Lilly on the palm of her hand. She is freaking out as the bee is trying to free itself. Maddie is freaking out because she sees a bee. This was my first dealing with a bee sting as a mom. I managed to pull out the stinger and I start walking to customer service to see if they had anything I could put on it. But of course there was a line a mile long. People are now stopping and turning towards the lady with the two screaming kids, and tongues are wagging. I mention to them that my little one was just stung by a bee in the foyer. I walked up to the cashier at the check yourself out station thinking she might have something in her little desk there.

I am tapped on the shoulder by a lady and she told me that she was just at the front desk and asked for a manager to assist me. She is trying to help me get the girls calmed down. She even went as far as giving them both a dollar. She was a real sweet lady. The dollar worked for a few minutes too. The front end manager came up to me and asked what happened. Lilly showed her her hand and told her that a bad bee stung her between her sobs. She looked at her hand and told me that she thought that I had gotten the stinger out. (I had already known that since I pulled it out). She went to the aisle with all the medicines and came back with some anti-bacterial, medical spray and a band aid. Funny how band aids make everything better. She also gave each girl a candy bar. I thought that was very nice of her.

I ended up seeing that manager again while I was checking out. Seems that the chicken I had purchased rang up at a whopping $807.49 when it was scanned. It was marked $7.49. So when the cashier put her light on for assistance and it was her that came to my rescue once again. She made some joke about this just not being my day. Adjusted the price for me and called the meat department about their little error while the cashier finished checking me out.

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tyedye said...

I didn't even realize you had a blogger! Very cool!