Thursday, October 11, 2007

Picture day & attack of the squirrels

Boy has a lot changed since I was in elementary school so many years ago. I just got back from visiting Madeline at school for lunch time. The people taking the school pictures were also set up in the cafeatorium (combo of the school's auditorium and cafeteria) . I was shocked at how many of the kids were in jeans and a tee shirt. I can see my mother having a hissy fit over this. While I am not one to overly dress my daughter for school I do try to make sure that her school wardrobe consists of more than ratty jeans and tee shirts. Yes she will wear jeans now and again even some days jeans and a nice tee shirt. But I was like come on now people its picture day, surely you have a nice outfit that you can send junior off to school in. Another thing that shocked me was the lack of mothers helping the photographers out. I mean back in the day when I was small there were always moms there helping out making sure the kids hair looked good. That shirts were buttoned correctly that stains on shirts were somewhat cleaned up. And we always got that comb, it just wasn't picture day without that free cheap plastic comb. Seems now they will just shoot the picture no matter how the kid looks. I was pissed last year when in Mads spring picture no one bothered to fix her pig tails. So the photo came back with her hair all lopsided. I've dabbled in photography, even had a few paying shoots and I would never never ever take a pic where I felt that the subject didn't look presentable.

Now on to part two, what is with all the squirrels around lately? I have never seen so many before. Backyard, front yard, next door, across the street, every where I look I see at least one bushy tail. It drives me nuts, (no pun intended) when people will say "oh look how cute they are", um hello...they are just rats with a bushy tails, much like seagulls are just rats with wings. These "rats" are getting so bold here too coming right up on my front porch, maybe within a couple feet of us when we are outside. I have never seen then act this brazen here before. I just cannot wait for winter in a way, (did I just say that? Must be getting sick), at least then I won't have to see them any more. Well at least not until spring right?

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