Sunday, October 14, 2007

Wheels have been set in motion...

I just sent our information to a local greyhound rescue group. So hopefully soon we will be adding a member to our family here. After researching a few breeds we have agreed that this is the perfect dog for us.

Also its a boy! Yes Julie found out that her baby has a penis so I will be having a nephew come March. I started to knit him a hooded receiving blanket. It feels so warm already. Madeline wants me to knit her doll Vanessa one. Vanessa is a Lee Middleton vinyl life sized new born doll. Lillian has one too, a boy she calls Benjamin. Funny thing is about these dolls is that they are as long as mine were at birth and they weigh more then mine did. Hard to believe that a doll weighs more then my babies did. Madeline was 5lb 13oz and Lillian was 6lb 14oz. The dolls are 7lbs.

In a way I am a tad disappointed it is a boy. I have a ton of baby girl stuff here I have been saving. But at least all those noisy infant toys that Auntie Julie bought my girls can be returned to her now. (evil laughter) Would it be bad to get an unborn baby a drum set for this Christmas?

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