Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Dove SkinVitalizer

I got a coupon for the Dove SkinVitalizer at this link. It is worth $3.50 off. Plus it was on sale with my Shoppers Club Card so I figured what the hell, I very rarely treat myself to anything and I wanted to try this out. I am so glad that I did. I cannot remember the last time my face felt this smooth. I can't stop touching it. It feels real clean, looks radiant. I love it. Thank you Dove for another great product.


Wendy/tye said...

I love that!
I got sick of buying the refills for it though.
I got an exfoliating pad. Soft sponge in the middle, covered with mesh. It can be used over and over. I use it in the shower with my moisturizing dove body wash.
It has a little loop so you can rinse it out and hang it to dry.
I love the soft feeling after I use it.
It works great on rough elbows too.:)

Neen said...

Good idea thanks for the tip.