Sunday, November 30, 2008

Oh what a night

Yes that is my hubby and myself right before we headed off to the convention center for the World's Largest Disco last night. Not to shabby eh?

Here is Megan, (my brother in law's girlfriend) and myself posiong for a photo with Disco Duck. Man that person in there had to be sweating buckets. Gets pretty hot out there on that dance floor. I know that I had to leave a time or two just to get some air. I hate it when people begin to crowd you like that.

Aww ain't they sweet. Dave and Megan here.

And come on now it just wouldn't be a party without the Village People.

I had such a blast at the party. Dancing with Cookie Monster, Disco Duck, a Drag Queen and random strangers. Today my body is killing me though. I need to find better shoes for thing. I really do. Thank and the fact I got no sleep at all last night. We had gotten a real good deal at a hotel for the night, So after the disco and a few drinks at the bar afterwards. We get up to our room. I took a nice hot bath to soothemy aching feet and wash away the can of hairspray and all that makeup I had on. I come out to find Ed asleep already so I started reading my book. I read for about half an hour when from out in the hall there arose such a clatter. The people in the room next to us finally came in. Woke Ed up in the process. Drunk as can be and they partied for about an hour or so before some left around 5 am. Then came the unmistakable sounds of people doing the nasty. We heard there headboard knocking against the wall, the moans the grunts, the screams. So by now I was overtired, cranky and a tad bit giddy, so figuring that if we can hear then they can most certainly hear us. I bang on the wall and call out, "way to hit that dude" and Ed and I start giggling madly. I think they got the point since it got real quiet after that.

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Tyedye said...

Nice blog post! Sounds like you had a blast.