Thursday, December 18, 2008

I could just strangle my little sister

I seriously want to beat the shit out of my 13 year old sister. She is so lucky we were at a restraunt, it took all my control not to leap over the table and strangle her.

For some reason she is super jealous of Madeline to a very unhealthy level, in my opnion. Anyways my mom, step dad her, my other sister Julie and her son Joshua (9months), myself and the girls went to Swiss Chalet for dinner.

She literally pushed Madeline off the chair she was sitting on and Madeline fell on the floor. All because Kaylea didn't want Madeline sitting next to Josh. Anyways Santa was there tonight and Madeline got teary and said, "I am going to go and tell Santa that you are a mean auntie and that you hurt me!" That effing bitch of a sister told her that Santa wasn't real and she and Lilly were stupid to believe in him.

And my mom didn't say anything to her about it!

I was going to take her to a Sabres game during the school break well you can forget that! I am also thinking about not giving her the Wii game I bought her for Christmas and giving it to my girls instead.

I have reassured the girls that Santa is real and that Auntie was just being nasty because she is on the naughty list and is not getting anything this year. Madeline bought that hook line and sinker because that little bitch is always nasty to her and makes her cry all the time. The sad thing is Madeline idolizes her and it breaks my heart when my baby cries because my sister is being an asshole.


Cat said...

Seriously, I can't believe your mom let her get away with that!

Neen said...

Neither can I.