Tuesday, December 22, 2009

He won a car!

See that man there on the right? That is my Uncle Al. Him and my Aunt are two of the most loving, wonderful people on Earth. Today was a day that I will never forget. Today he won a new car!

Here he is waiting for his turn in line waiting to see if he had the lucky key.

At this point he knew that the car was his. The previous six people had tried and failed. I was off to the side jumping up and down in place with a smile a mile wide plastered on my face.

And of course he hd to try his key as well for the television crew that was there.

Ok now for the backstory.
Every year for the past 31 years they have been big supporters of the US Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive. A local car dealership around the corner from their house became a drop off point a couple of years ago. So that is where they have been taking their donations. When they dropped off the toys this year they were told to fill out an entry blank for a chace to win a car. So he did never in his wildest dreams did he think that he'd be one of the seven lucky people chosen to try their luck. Well he was the seventh person drawn.

I of course had to go down to the dealership to show my support for him. The ordr that their names were drawn was the ordr that they'd choose their key and try to start the car. So being the last one drawn Uncle Al had no choice in what key, he got the one nobody wanted. Good thing too!

I am still over the moon about them winning. It couldn't of happened to nicer people. They are the type that would give a stranger on the street the shirt off thier back. Karma is a real thing, I truely believe this and am so happy that karma has been so wonderful to them.

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Tyedye said...

I bet those other 6 people could of kicked themselves for passing up that key. LOLOL
Congrats to them.