Saturday, September 12, 2009

Damn these commericals

It just frosts my cookies seeing some of these commericals for places like Popeye's, and Sonic on television. We don't have them in my area and I love them. It is like a cruel taunt. I can only hope that they are trying to get thier name known in our area because they are planning on coming here. Chilis did that years back, you'd see their ads and there was none in the area then one day while driving you'd see the sign "Future home of Chilis" or something along those lines. Here is to wishful thinking.

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Tyedye said...

I used to fee the same way about Sonic until they got one in Sioux Falls. Their food is crap. lol I do miss Popeye's though. They had one by my house in Colorado. I miss their red beans and rice.