Thursday, September 3, 2009

My baby starts kindergarten.

Here Lilly is at the bus stop all excited to be starting school. She is so thrilled to be taking the bus.

Bye baby! Have fun at school, I hope you like it.

Yes, yes okay I admit it. I was a crazy mommy who once the bus picked her up ran to my car to race to the school to get a shot of her getting off the bus as well. And ran inside the school to get ahead of her to get a shot of her heading down to her classroom for the first time. Since I was there I figured what the hell and took a few shots of her in the classroom as well. why not? I was already there.

She is so excited be be going to school and that two of her friends from pre k, Jenna and Owen, whomb Lilly has a crush on are in her class. He was her first kiss this summer at swim lessons. I am so expecting a phone call from her teacher one of these days about the two of them.

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