Saturday, February 20, 2010

My feet thank you Sock Buddy

Woo hoo, I love getting snail mail. Even better when it is a package that contains a gift for me! On one of my favorite boards that I belong to we do a number of exchanges during the year. This month someone started a sock exchange, well I just had to join that one. Today I got a package from Sock Dreams. OMG I love this site and can forsee myself using it in the very near future. My buddy went above and beyond the requirements for the exchange by sending Madeline & Lillian a pair of socks each too. Ok, so I bet that you are dying to know what these wonderful socks look like, don't worry you will a little bit later in this post.

I was never one to buy myself socks, I would just buy my husband a ten pack and use those. Well now that my tootsies and footsies have expirenced such bliss, I don't think I could go back to his socks now. The socks I recieved are so very comfortable, and they actually fit me well, and they are cute to boot. I really think that I am going to put treating myself to something I like into pratice here and there. I think I deserve it. Kids be damned, you have enough stuff already mommy needs some new clothes. (lol)

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Tyedye said...

Nice socks, Neen. Keep your feet nice and toasty and stylish too. I love gifts. I give gifts to the friends I care about and receive very little in return and it really hurts. They are broke. Can't even afford postage, they have told me. I send them stuff anyway even if it's just a little thing just to show them I care and thinking about them. Anyway I used too but decided that since it made me feel kind of bad and stupid to send gifts to people who probably don't really care that much anyway, that I'm not going to do it anymore. Do you know that I have things friends gave me going all the way back to childhood? I cherish them and the thoughtfulness that went behind it. Someone actually picked something out for me. I guess I am too sentimental. Kind of dumb to have a trinket to remember someone by huh? Maybe I should join a gift exchange with strangers? Nah. Would be pretty lame to me to receive a random gift from a random name I will likely never know.