Wednesday, May 11, 2011

6 months!

Hard to believe that Charlie is 6 months old already.
Please excuse all his scratches he has eczema :( and no matter how hard I try I just cannot keep his nails short enough. I cut and file them and they still are like little daggers. Thank goodness for photoshop.
The details: at six months the "tank" as the doctor called him is 20 pounds and 4 oz putting him in the 87% for weight and he was 28 inches long, 90%. We may have a future linebacker in our midst here.

I amazes me how much they grow this first year, and how much they learn. I almost want to cry when I see my little guy sitting up by himself, trying to crawl, or scooting around the house in his walker. It makes me smile how excited he gets when he is able to start the music and lights on one of his toys. How his entire face lights up in the morning when I go to his room to get him from the crib. I now get those big wet sloppy kisses, neck nuzzles and hugs. I'm working on getting him to say mama too. so far he's got the mmmmm part down. :)

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