Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day, in more way than one.

May Day on May 1st is an ancient spring festival, mayday is also an emergency procedure word used internationally as a distress signal.

Well I knew that my luck had to run out sooner or later, 9 years and 10 months was a long time to go I think with no visits to an emergency room. Yes I had to take Madeline to the ER tonight for a cut she obtained on her finger this evening. She was dancing down stairs when Ed though he heard some glass break. Madeline came upstairs and went straight into the bathroom, nothing too odd in that after all we weren't 100% sure anything broke at all at this point. She usually did go to the bathroom to shower after her dance marathons downstairs. Ed knocked on the door since he had to use the bathroom and Mads scooted out quickly saying nothing at all to him. He noticed some blood in the sink and asked Mads what happened. She said nothing. Not buying that he went into her room and seen her hiding her arm. He basically had to wrestle it out from under her. The gash looked deep and we thought it would be best to take her to go get it checked out in case she needed stitches. She heard that word and went into total freak out mode.

In the waiting room Mads is just a mess stating that she is going to die over and over again, causing the receptionist and myself to giggle a bit. We both reassured her that she will not die from a small cut on her finger, as did the triage nurse that took her vitals. It was then when I learned what happened. She took a glass of water down stairs with her and as she was putting it back on the shelf she missed and it fell to the floor and broke she cut herself when she tried to pick up the pieces of broken glass. Sometimes I don't know what gets into these kids or if they ever listen to me. She has been told hundreds of times that she is not to take any glass down there, that she is to use her water bottle or a plastic cup. And that she is NEVER to touch or go near broken glass, that if she breaks one she is to come and get mom or dad.

After waiting for about an hour in an empty waiting room, we were finally taken back to a treatment room, only 3 others were in use at the time so I was not to happy that we were out there so long, but that is Sloopy Joe's err St. Joe's for you. I have always said that if I got hit by a semi right infront of that hospital I wouldn't go there, but it is the closest to us and I didn't want to drive into the city and with our insurance we needed to go to an ER and not a urgent care center. They cleaned the cut out and took her for some x-rays to make sure all the glass was out. While walking down to radiology the nurse started to explain what would be happening. Madeline interrupted her and told her that she knew what x-rays were she's seen House and Gray's Anatomy. The X-rays came back clean and much to Mads delight permabound was used so no stitches, and she was back to her normal self before we left the hospital.

I think I aquired a few gray hairs tonight.

The cut all cleaned up, sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.

and after she is all glued up, they put a splint on it too.

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