Monday, March 3, 2008

I really hate this time of year.

I think that March is the suckiest month of all here in WNY. Today right now it is a warm 62 degrees, with the high supposed to be 64. Sounds like a nice spring day no? Now if this weather trend would continue I'd be happy as a clam. But noooooo, tomorrow we are in for snow, snow, and some more snow and a high of 32. At least for now I have the windows open and am airing out the house a tad. It is kind of invigorating.

I know I am in for a fight once I get Mads from school, she'll want to go out and play since it is nice out. But the ground is soaking wet from all the melted ice and snow. So going out is going to be a no go.

We are shooting for trying to install our new floor, well at least in a couple rooms over the Eatser break, also getting rid of the playroom and getting the girls their own bedrooms. That means major toy donation overhaul. I really need to get rid of all these stuffed animals they have. They really don't play with them but for every holiday them seem to acculimate a ton of them. I wish people would listen to us when we tell them "No stuffed animals".


Jennifer said...

i TOTALLY know what you are saying. it was great here yesterday too. and today so far is looking pretty nice, but i'm sure it won't last and i'm also sure we'll be getting so MORE snow here too. YUCK!! i'm sick, literally and figuratively from and of this weather. :P bring on the sunshine and warm weather!! any day now, and oh, um, let it stay too!!
have a good one!
your NY friend!! jenn

Teachin' this mommy new tricks! said...

We are stuck in a crappy weather situation here too. Either it needs to snow and be pretty winter or hurry up and get spring on its way. I feel like it is teasing is warm here and melting, but no way this soon will spring start....are we that lucky?