Thursday, March 27, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #12

Thirteen Kid shows that I cannot stand.

1. Yo Gabba Gabba ~ WTF? Honestly WTF?
2. Sponge Bob Squarepants ~ just so stupid
3. Life With Derek
4. Mr. Meaty
5. Unfabulous
6. Dragon Tales ~ I just hate it, don't ask why.
7. Lazytown
8. Wow Wow Wubzy
9. Pinky Dinky Doo
10. Johnny and the Sprites
11. Oobi ~ it is hands people! Ugh!
12. Barney
13. Caillou ~ my kids whine enough I don't want to listen to a cartoon kid do it too.

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Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I never laughed at Sponge Bob. I think the show is pretty funny.
There are a few on your list I definitely agree with. Oobi is definitely odd.

Neen said...

I have laughed too at Sponge Bob, I still don't like it very much. My husband on the other hand thinks it is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

My grandson loves Spongebob but you are is stupid! Happy TT

Anonymous said...

I am SO GLAD that I am not the only parent that thinks Caillou (sp) whines too much! I want to spank him every time I see that show! And the parents too for letting him and encouraging him to do so!

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any of these shows but they all sound equally annoying ;) lol

Kaige said...

Spongebob annoys me. I haven't seen a lot of the others as my kids are older now and watching stuff like Ned's Declassified, Hannah Montana, Drake & Josh and Zack & Cody. I wish I could say the quality gets better at least most of it gets a little less surreal. =)

Happy TT!

lynda w said...

If I never again hear the Spongebob theme song, I will die happy.

Great list!

Joanne said...

I agree with most of your list although like others I too enjoy a little Spongebob which I think is geared more for adults than children. I'm also guilty of watching Yo Gabba Gabba simply for the WTF? factor. I can't even fathom how they came up with the concept and when I see it I can't stop watching.

Thanks for stopping by!

FRIGGA said...

Fortunately for me I'm not familiar with many of those. Well, the Spongebob I watched just a few days ago, my 10 year old niece still likes to watch that occaisionally... well her excuse was that she was waiting for Drake & Josh show to come on, but Spongebob was on in its place. 8-)

Wendy/tye said...

With the exception of SpongeBob, I agree with the rest of your list.
I think SpongeBob is hilarious and I often find myself watching it even when Ian is not around. SpongeBob ranks right up there with Scooby Doo and Bugs.
Just my opinion.

Laura said...

I've never seen 3,4, and 5, but the rest....well, the littlest watches most of them daily...well, no, take that back...Sponge Bob is BANNED in our house, as is CATDOG, and some of those preteen kinda soap operas...ick...