Monday, April 21, 2008

Dare I dream it?

Dare I think or even speak of it? I so do not want to jinx it, but I think that spring has finally arrived. Over a week of beautiful weather and more in the forecast for this week. I am starting to feel ALIVE AGAIN. 8:00 and still light outside I am loving this. I am definitely a warm weather, longer days type of person. That I know for sure. Come on summer. (I cannot wait to sleep in truth be told, if I don't have to wake up at 7:00 to get Mads ready for school I will be one happy camper!)


Nissa said...

Exactly what I've been thinking! I haven't said it out loud, though. I did earlier & that surely jinxed it. :)

Suzie said...

Enjoy the warm weather

Carmi said...

Hi Neen. Wanted to thank you for popping by my site during WW this past week. I love this entry: the weather here was finally warm enough to go outside in sandals and shorts this week. It felt so freeing to take the kids to the park in such lovely conditions.

I really hope it lasts. I wouldn't put it past Mother Nature to throw us a curve before long.