Friday, October 3, 2008

Light The Night Walk, was a blast

We had such a nice time time tonight, managed to raise $340.00 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma society. Not much but every bit helps. My heart broke for this family that was there who had a 4 year old daughter Margaret stiken with leukemia, she is the cutest thing. Having a 4 year old myself it really hit close to home. How lucky we are to have healthy childfren, I think a lot of us take it for granted, I am still misting up thinking about her. She was brought up on stage because her team had raised $28,000. It was my first walk and I am so doing it again every year. It warmed my heart to see so many people come out for such a worthwhile cause. The weather was great too, cool, not too windy. The dark clouds passed right over Deleware Park without releasing a single drop.

I got a shout out fron Route 66, the band that they had playing there because during their rendition of the B-52's Love Shack they asked for "help from everyone" during the bang, bang, bang, parts then it was "You're what?"... silence until I shouted out from the crowd, "Tin roof....rusted". I also won two items from he Chinese auction that they held. Both things are for the kiddos, I cannot wait until Madeline sees the Camp Rock lunchbox she is so gonna freak. There was so much free food and drinks that it was your own fault if you walked away hungry.

The walk itself was a beautiful site, seeing all those white and red balloons in a larage parade blinking. I would of loved just to have been an observer, it must of looked amazing to the passing cars. I hope that they release the number in attendance, I am really curious to know that information. Next year we are going to bring the girls, we think that they will have a blast.

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