Thursday, July 3, 2008

buzzy day....bad bee

What a long day we have had here. I made some goodies for the party we are going to tomorrow. (My famous taco dip included, see my food blog for the recipe). As I was starting to mix the base I hear a blood curdling scream from outside and then shreiking. Lillian was stung by a bee. Madeline was freaking out that there was a bee around. It somehow managed to get under her hair. Ed is batting at the bee trying to get it away from Lilly, he finally manages to and it it stunned falling to the ground where he trounced it into mush. I whisk Lillian into the house and pull off the leotard she was wearing searching for where she was stung. Turns out it was 4 times, that friggin bee never lost its stinger! Once on the back, once on the back of her shoulder and twice on her upper arm. My poor baby! I give her some tyelnol, and but some cream on the stings, made that bakng soda paste and placed it onto the affected areas. We got her the ice pack to put on her arm. Madeline is still crying and upset that Lilly got stung. Neither want to go back outside to play at this time. Can't blame them for that though.

An hour or so later Lillian was back to her usual self, we even went and got her some Chinese food for dinner since that is what she said she wanted. After the day she had how could we deny her?

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Jennifer said...

awww. that sucks. i got stung by a wasp one time, well it was really 4times but it happened to me only once. it sucks. it hurts and it is horrible. it got me 4 times on the stomache... or in my case, fat roll. lol

poor baby. that breaks my heart. they are nasty little suckers! i hope she never has to go through that again.