Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Birthday to me....NOT!

Well yesterday was my birthday, turned 32 and what a sucky day it was. An overcast day with periods of rain all day long. Ed had to work "C" shift that is 2:30pm to 10:30pm, add two hours to that for travel time to work. So I was alone here almost all day with two miserable, crabby kids who were driving me up the wall. When Ed got home from work he was like "can you rub my arm? My back?" etc... Ummm hello it is my birthday I need the rub down. I had the day from hell with the girls, I actually cried because they were being so miserable, and mean. They just did not get along at all and were constantally fighting. I would of drunk myself stupid had I not been alone with them. It was one of those days. So I spent my birthday playing refree and cleaning up the house, only the things I did doesn't really make the house look and cleaner. Cleaning the aquarium, scrubbing the tub and toliets, my favorites jobs (rolls eyes).


Tyedye said...

Sounds like you could use a do-over birthday. Sorry it sucked for you.

Portia said...

Check it. Next time sit the girls indian style on the floor knees touching and make them say nice things to each other. Load up a spray bottle with pine sol and water 1:5, walk through the house spritzing into the thin air. Get your drink and hide under the computer desk. As for the birthday part, just wait till the girls next bday and pick fights with them all day. :P Love ya hun.