Monday, July 14, 2008

Start spreading the news, I'm leaving Thursday

Holy hell! Did time fly I will be leaving for the Big Apple Thursday morning. That means I'll start packing tonight. LOL. I hope that we have good weather. My first trip to New York Ciry I am so excited. Only took me almost 32 years to get to that part of my home state. I'm about 420 miles or 676 km away, it always amazes me when people think that I am a hop, skip, and jump away. New York is a pretty big state. I need to start packing for it too uhg. Yes I am one of those people that need to be packed a days before I leave. I could never ever pack the night before a trip, just one of my little quirks. Well the laundry is calling my name. Got to get to it.

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Tyedye said...

Safe Journey! Have fun! What day are you going to try to be on the Today show so I know when to tape it? ;)