Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Pool time

Swim lessons started on Monday here. The girls are loving it, they'd stay at the pool all day. Not that I mind it knocks them out. I already have a nice tan going just rom the past two days. This morning was miserable, I hate the fact that they still have class when it is raining. There has to be lightening for the pool to close. So there we were in the rain, (the umbrella provided little shelter for me)having class. Lillian got out of the pool early because she was so cold. The poor girl was shivering, I was rubbing her arms and legs trying to warm her up. Madeline just thought it was cool and wanted to stay. She is a fish, well they both are really. Madeline likes the deep end now and I swear she is going to give me gray hair. I cannot be in the deep end with her and in the shallow with Lillian at the same time. Nothing like hearing "Mom look at me!" while holding Lillian in the shallow end only to see her doing a cannon ball into 8 feet of water.

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Tyedye said...

Cool. I didn't sign Ian up for lessons this year because he also wants to go truck driving with Kent. I do take him swimming though. The lake is free so we go there more. Ian loves to do cannonballs too. lol