Saturday, August 23, 2008

Boogie oogie oogie

Disco...we are going to World's Largest Disco this November. It is a charity even that benefits Camp Good Days and Special Times, (a camp for kids with cancer). We are not able to get tickets every year, it sells out so fast. The Disco has become the biggest party in Buffalo, and to think that we were at the very first one oh so many years ago when it wasn't such a big deal. Now its the place to be the Saturday after Thanksgiving. It is funny when I think back to the first one where it was just like going to a bar with a huge dance floor. I cannot remember anyone dressed in 70's duds back then, now if you aren't decked out in 70's gear you are the odd one out.

Last time we went I dressed Ed up like Elton John. I was just browing some random 70's pics and I seen one of Elton and I went, "Holy shit!, Ed looks just like him in the picture!" I called Ed over and even he had to agree about the similarity, even down to the little tooth gap. It was eerie. So many people loved it they were calling out "Hey Elton!" "Elton love your work" and stuff like that. People were coming up tp him and having thier picture taken with him, it was great! I hope this year is just as much fun. I don't like the fact that they are hiding thecelebrity guest until the morning of though, I think that sucks.

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