Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a bummer.

Last night the girls were so excitd we were supposed to be seeing Vanessa Hudgens in concert. It started off as a beautiful day, warm and sunny. About halfway through the opening act, Rooney (they are awesome I tell you, I really enjoyed their music and I got some stellar photos which I will get around to uploading), it started to rain.

The rain turned into a downpour, then the lightning started. What a show that was. Rooney was forced to finish their set early due to it. But at the end of the set the lead singer tossed a towel out towards me. After all I was one of the only ones there without a jacket or poncho. My aunt nabbed it but handed it to me so I was able to dry off a little bit. The lightning really started to pick up and we were told that we had to leave the track area as us being their was now a safety hazard. Little girls are screaming in terror there is a mad rush towards the Grandstand. After an hour of the non stop storming they finally announced that the concert was cancelled. Broke a lot of little hearts there.

I am so sick of all this friggin rain this summer already. I am am sitting here watching Transformeers that I DVR'ed last, and tyoing this it has started up again. This has been the wettest summer that I can recall. These past few years have been really dry where as we had to be constantally watering the lawn so it wouldn't burn. Now the laws look like jungles becasue they have been to wet to cut. Lots of rain in the eveings and. nights, nice sunny days equal a growing frenzy

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