Wednesday, August 6, 2008

So very excited!

I am so very super excited! Madeline won 2nd place at the fair! Woo hoo! She is so thrilled and very proud, she even teased me about beating me I won 3rd place for my flower. I have won a ribbon in this category everytime I have entered it. Madeline also won a game of I GOT IT, you would of thought she hit the lottery when she yelled out "I got it!" so very cute. I ended up winning the next game and gave my ticket to Lillian to pick out a prize. She chose a 101 Dalmataian lunchbox and Mads picked out a stuffed monkey with velcro on its hands and feet.

My feet are killing me, did so much walking today. We have to get up early tomorrow too, the girls have a swim meet. A new thing they didn't have this last year or the year before. I really don't want to go, I mean if it was during normal lessons then it'd be okay but to go there at an earlier time ugh!

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