Monday, August 11, 2008

Prize day!

I got both of my Bloggy Giveaway prizes in the mail today. I am going to have to read the book Meghan Rose Has a Secert by Lori Z. Scott for myself too. It looks adorable and she even autographed it. Madeline will love it. The earrings I won from Lagaz Designs are stunning, even more beautiful than the picture I seen of them. I had to put them in right away. Lillian thinks that they are the most beautiful earrings ever.

My mom took Madeleine for the night. Woo hoo I still have Lillian here but she is being real good. I got the girls rubber band shooting guns, and I built thema little shooting gallery. Pop cans and paper targets hanging from a box. Lillian loves it, I can't wait for Madeline's reaction.


Melissa M (Lagaz) said...

I am so glad that you got your earrings so quickly! Enjoy them, and hopefully I'll have another giveaway soon ;)

Anonymous said...

SO glad that you like what you see so far! I just know that you will both LOVE her and the author (Lori) is such a sweetie, too!