Monday, February 16, 2009

Long, long day.

I am so glad it is over and everyone is asleep.

The girls went to the dentist today. Mads have 2 teeth pulled we have to go back on Friday to start the retainer work.

Lilly didn't fare so well she needed an extraction too only tooth crumbled and the dentist couldn't get all the pieces out since there was hardly anything to grasp onto. And because it was the upper tooth he said that there was really nothing above the area but bone so even though she was numbed she could still feeling some of the digging. So that means now we have to take her to an oral surgeon so she can be sedated. So now we need to scrounge up money for this.

The girls were so wiped out after their appointments that they actually took naps, their appointment started at 3:00 pm so that meant they stayed up later. Ed & I didn't have the heart to keep them awake after what they went through.


melissaclee said...

Poor girls! I hope you are able to get the money together for this soon!

Bottles Barbies And Boys said...

Poor thing!
We opted for the surgeon for our daughter, and it was a breeze!