Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lookie Lookie!

After a painstaking search of the web I managed to find all the costumes. Do you have any idea of how many sites pop up when you google children's dance costumes?Holy Cow! So without further ado here they are! Squee!

Clockwise from top right

Madeline (tap) What Time Is It?
Madeline (jazz) Best of Both Worlds.
Madeline (ballet) Waltz of the Flowers
Lillian (tap) Fly To Your Heart


Tyedye said...

Those are really cute Neen! I especially love the Tinkerbelle(?) costume...the green one! Can't wait to see the video's of them dancing in those costumes!

Neen said...

Thanks I can't wait to see it all pt together too.