Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I gotta get out of this place

I honest to goodness cannot take it anymore! I am at the point where I am getting physically ill by the weather. My body is aching, I have a chill that I cannot loose even with a sweat suit on and covered with a blanket. Right now even the local news says that it is "painfully cold out there and it is going to get even colder tomorrow."

I am worried about those poor children that have to walk to school in sub zero temps tomorrow morning. It was 2 with a windchill of -8 or -10 at the bus stop this morning (depending on what channel you were watching). The high forecast for tomrrow is 4. The following is straight off one of our local tv stations weather page

Bone chilling cold will continue for the next two days. The coldest air will move in tonight and for Thursday with negative readings throughout the early and late hours and wind chills in the dangerous range -15 to -20 around the region.

I am telling you this if it is -15 to -20 tomorrow morning I just might keep the girls home from school. It is cold in their classrooms, besides they both have dentist appointments and my oldest would be pulled out of school early anyway to go to it.

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Portia said...

I'd say come visit me for the warm weather, but I'm afraid I can't offer you much warmer. It has been freezing balls in Iowa!