Sunday, January 25, 2009

No more daddy day care for us

I am livid, pissed beyond belief right now. I really am starting to believe that I cannot trust my husband with our daughters for more than a few minutes. Last night my local mommies group had their Secert Santa party last night and I was so excited to be going. I really did have a wonderful time. I got the most awesome presents form my secert Santa,(thanks Donna). A pair of Muk Luks that I nearly squealed over. I really wanted a pair, a recipe binder, a dry erase board with matching magnets and a gift basket from Bath & Body works in one of my favorite scents Eucalyptus which aids in stress releif and oh boy am I ever stressed.

Flash forward to this morning where I am greeted by my babies, only to find that they have given themselves haircuts. Lillian basically has no bangs left, Mads cut part of her side so it is not that noticable. But Lilly OMG. Then my husband does not understand why I am mad at him for this happening. Um hello!! You were supposed to be watching them. This is the fourth time that I have left them alone with him for an extended period of time. Why in the hell would anyone leave a four year old alone with scissors, even if they were saftey scissors? "I didn't know that they could cut hair." he said. "My ass" was my reply to him.

I feel like I could stroke out at any moment. I really think that I cannot trust him alone with our girls, that or he is letting it happen in a passive agressive manner because I now have friends to go out with.


Tyedye said...

After the 4th time, he honestly expected you to buy that lame excuse that he didn't know they would cut their hair???
That would really set me off.
Don't kill him Neen. Just make him suffer.

blackroze37 said...

you know, they should get something to make it, wheres, YOu the mother, can watch thru, like webcam, the buttholes house whiles kids are there.

Neen said...

That is a great idea.

Tyedye said...

spycam teddy

Colored With Memories said...

oh my...i hope their hair grows fast. my lily is 4 too! she hasn't found the scissors yet!