Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It really frosts my cookies!

Mads is in the 2nd grade choir for school, that means one day a week she needs to be at school an hour earlier for pratice. The choir director can be a real pain in the butt about it too. "Be on time, you need to be here, attendence is MANDITORY...blah blah blah" well today she was late again. So it is freezing over here today and there is a line of cards all the way from the drop off circle, down the long driveway almost to the street and no teacher. 5 minutes later no teacher, 10 minutes no teacher. Grrr I had to get home to get my younger one ready so I asked one of my friends if she could keep Mads until the teacher finally showed up. I wonder when that was.

It just pisses me off how she stresses that we be on time when this is the 3rd time that she has been late.

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Tyedye said...

I hate people like that.