Friday, January 9, 2009

Running on empty or Oh what a night

At 2 am this morning 30 minutes after I went to bed, after a truely miserable day. I felt like crap all day and was sick. My husband accidently broke the glass top to my stove. (That totally made me want to cry). I was awakened to the pathetic calls of Lilly calling me. She said that she her tummy hurts. Well you can guess what happened next. The first puke fest of 2009. Fun night. Nothing like those 3 am baths and laundry washings. But on the bright side we had the new floor in so no scrubbing puke out of the carpet.

She is feeling better now still not at 100% but she is no longer just laying on my couch like a rag doll. She's managed to keep some liquids down too for which I am very thankful. Madeline was just in a miserable mood, last night and all day today. I kept her home from school as well. I think that tonight it will be her that is the sick one. Ed is coming down with a cold as well. I hope the sickies leave my house soon.

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Danielle said...

SOO SORRY! Sometimes when it rains, it pours!! I am having a day like that today. MY back is out from moving furniture around. My better half left out of town today, and my kids both had lots of homework, and the CLOTHES!! Help! Just letting you know that you are not alone!! I hope tomorrow is better!!