Thursday, January 15, 2009

This bites

I took the girls to the dentist today, turns out Madeline needs some dental work done. It will take four appointments to do all of this. A filling needs to be fixed, she needs a tooth pulled since her adult tooth is growing behind the baby one, she has a cross bite and will need a device similar to a retainer, (I forget what it is called) to push her tooth forward. This should prevent her from needing braces in the future.

Lilly had two bad teeth, Both in the same postion on opposite sides that need to be pulled and spacers put in. The funny thing is the rest of her teeth are "textbook perfect" her dentist said. Just those two are messed up for some reason.

I am so happy that Ed's company didn't mess with their dental insurance like they did with our medical. Our out of pocket for this will be about $150

The office also had that sonic care tooth brush with interchangable heads on sale for $50 so I picked that up. I had always wanted one but would not pay the $100 bucks for it, and with Mads new hardware in her mouth it would be better for her to brush with that.

One funny thing that happened though is that as the doctor was talking with Lilly, he told her that he had the same birthday as her. Lilly looks at him funny and says in a no nonsense voice, "you're not four". Her doctor laughed and said "well I wasn't born in the same year". I thought that was a pretty clever of her to say.

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Portia said...

OMG I would be afraid I'da shot snot over that one!!! Gotta love 4 year olds.