Monday, January 21, 2008

It's Monday

I had to keep telling myself this today. I often loose a day when the kids have a day off from school. I am not looking forward to this week we've been having frigid tempratures, nothing like negitive numbers for the windchill factor. Boy does that wind sting.


Jennifer said...

I had to keep telling myself that too! And now, thank God we are almost through Tuesday. :) It is freakin' freezing here too!! And it is snowing again.. UH!!! I have had enough!! We are going to get sleet/freezing rain later too! Oh. What a treat!! I cannot wait for SPRING!! I'm not a Winter person at all, which makes me wonder what the hell I'm living in NY for????
Stay warm... and have a good day!
Hugs, Jenn

Wendy/tye said...

Good thing for 'Global Warming ' eh? ;)
Stay warm. It's freezing here too.

Neen said...

LoL Jennifer I wonder why I stay here in NY too somedays.