Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen The Price Is Right Games I Love

1. PLINKO (who doesn’t love and want to play this game?)
2. Let ‘Em Roll
3. Ten Chances
4. Pocket Change
5. Clock Game
6. Race Game
7. Money Game
8. Check Game
9. Cliff Hangers
10. Grand Game
11. Pass the Buck
12. Range Game
13. Pathfinder

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Anonymous said...

This is added to my list of 'Things I Gotta Get To Know' when we move to the US soon. It sounds fun!

Glad you're a new-ish TT too! And
thanks for reading mine and for the comments! :)

AJ Chase said...

I remember watching Price is Right when I was a kid but I can't remember anything that happened on it. Except the end with the showcases.

Diana said...

Haven't watched that show in a while...I'm sure it's much different without BB

Anonymous said...

But do you prefer Barker or Carey?

Check out the 13 things I fantasize about uttering to the underlings at work. c

Neen said...

I prefer Barker, then again I spent all my life watching Bob. Drew is taking some getting used to.

Joyce said...

Thank you for visiting my Thursday 13. Happy blogging. :)

Nicholas said...

The only one I know is Plinko, but I haven't seen the show for years.