Friday, January 18, 2008

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KETCHIKAN, Alaska — The Prince of Wales community of Whale Pass is welcoming the first baby ever born in the small community, at least as far back as local people can remember.
The baby is named Boomchain Everett Loucks. He was born December 18th at 1:15 a.m.
Steve Loucks, the baby's father, says the baby was born right on the couch in the living room.
Steve said he and his wife, Christy, were out trapping in Exchange Cove when his wife went into labor. The baby's due date was a few days later.
He says by the time they get home, it was too late to go to Craig and the helicopters weren't flying.
Christy says the birth went well. There was help from the local EMS squad, and two doctors at Ketchikan General Hospital supervised by phone.
The couple named the child Boomchain because Steve works in logging and likes boomchains. A boomchain is a heavy chain used to attach the ends of logs together to make a log boom, which helps in the building of log rafts.

This warrants a What the fuck?!, yes I dropped the "f bomb", sue me. I am sitting here in total disbelief. Seriously Boomchain, who names their child Boomchain? I cannot see how two people would agree to use this random object as a given name for their offspring. Why not give him a normal name and use Boomchain as a nickname? It would for sure save his poor little boy from a lifetime of torment.

Okay it is time again for one of my baby name rants. Etymology is a hobby of mine and take the naming of children seriously, I know that I will catch hell from some of you "momeighes" out there but I don't care. And yes you REALLY DO need to hear it again. Yes I do even tell my family members what I think of names they like, and I am honest. I am not one to sugar coat things like this. Just because I may loathe the name that does not mean that I dislike the child. Some people cannot seperate the two, because I say that name Jayden sucks, that does not mean that I don't love your little one with all my heart. It is just the name I hate and I will come up with a nickname for the kid, like I did for my neice Dakota.

You are naming a person, not an animal. While a name may sound cute on a 2 year old, when that child turns let's say 25 and in entering the working world it will make a difference. Cody is cute on little kid, not so cute on a grown man. Let's say I am looking for a new doctor and I have a choice between Dr. Dakota Smith, or Dr. Meredith Jones you bet your ass that I will choose the latter. Even if Dr. Dakota Smith was the top of her class. I just cannot take someone named Dakota seriously. That goes for any of of those "tryndee" names.

Names do matter and people do have preconcieved notions of certain names. A man named Tom will probabally get hired befor a man named Blaze just on his name alone. Look at the name Britney now, I wager Ms. Spears was the first thought that popped into your heads. Women named Temptress, Candy, Tiffany bring to mind strippers.

Listen up there people,

Nevaeh is not Slavic for butterfly. Slavic is not a language. It is just heaven spelled backwards, and why is it that single time anyone hears this name on a small child the mother always adds, "that is heaven spelled backwards." to her statement with a smile on her face. Just makes me want to punch her all the more.

Mac and -son names are never a good idea on little girls. Neither are any traditionally male names. Ryan, Elliott, Madison, Addison, Riley, Morgan etc... are boys names and should never be used on the females of this species. I bet you a million dollars that you would never consider names like Mary, Lillian, Rebecca for your son. Why is that? Having a male name will not give your daughter an edge, it will be a pain in the ass for her to always have to identify herself as being female.

Changing the spelling of a name does not make it "youneek" it just makes it reek. No you are not being creative by spelling Jillian like Jilleanne, or Madison like Madasyn it just looks like you cannot spell. Plus there will come a time when Madasyn will want something with her name on it, like those pencils, bracelets, toothbrushes, zipper pulls etc that they sell in the stores you will never be able to find one.

Name smushes and adding -lyn or -aden to names really isn't a good idea either. For example Brayden,
Definition: bray ~ intransitive verb make donkey's sound: to make the sound a donkey makes so are basically saying your son will sound like an ass.

Ok I feel a tad bit better. Have a good weekend


Janelle said...

What do you think of Finn, for a boy or a girl? I like this name. And it could be short for Finnian for a boy or Finneola for a girl. Although I'd probably wouldn't go so far as naming the whole name, as I don't really like either, but only the short version...

Neen said...

As a given name no I don't care for it at all. Using it as a nickname is fine. Longer names are more substantial and will be more beneficial to the child in the long run. I can't see a CEO named Davy, or Dave, David yes.

Claire Joy said...

One of my sisters suggested Jack for her soon-to-be-born grandson... so the parents (who are definitely into "you-neek")are naming him Jacquay... (sounds like pig-latin to me)

Janelle said...

Jack is a good name.