Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Getting excited

This Saturday is Madeline's dance recital. I so cannot wait to see it all her work paying off. She was bumped up to a higher level class year, not too shabby I thought since only one other girl form her class last year was, and two from the same level from the Saturday classes were. Funny thing is that those four girls ARE the class. She has 2 numbers that she will be dancing to, plus the special "daddy and daughter dance" that the studio does every five years, and of course the finale. I'll be taping the dances at the rehersal on Friday since cameras are not allowed at the actual recital. So hopefully I'll have it up on YouTube soon after that.

Friday is the rehersal, it is also the day of Madeline's "big field trip" to Fantasy Island. (A local amusement park). Now we have to be at the concert hall at 4:45 in costume, hair and make up done. Her school does not dismiss until 3:30, and after a day at the park in the sun, I just know that she will be in a "mood". So I wrote a note to her teacher yesterday asking when they are due back at the school. The reply was 1:30. Now school starts at 9:00am and it takes about 40 minutes to get to this park. So they'd be there like 3 and a half hours only.What a joke! Where is the fun in that? So I figured she can go and I will pick her up from school early or I will give her the option of just staying home. We always take the girls there at least once in the summer anyways, and we stay all day long.

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