Monday, June 2, 2008

Ugh Men.

Why do we put up with them? Why must they act like over grown babies? Up until an hour ago we were planning a NYC getaway, I was so excited I was finally going to get to visit the Big Apple. A city that I dreamed of going to for years. Right before I was about to book it on line he who shall be known as dick head from here on in made some comment about going to a Yankees game. I told him that I didn't want to go to any baseball game while I was there, that he wants to go he can go alone or call his brother who is currently living up there to go with him. Well that is where the shit hit the fan. He went off on some tangent about I am so terrible that I wouldn't go to a ball game with him. He knows that I despise going to baseball games. (If I am in a city that I have wanted to go to since I was a small child that I am only going to be in for a weekend I am not going to waste hours sitting in the hot sun, packed in like sardines at a ball park. There is just too much I want to see), his brother would be more than willing to go I know this for a fact.

So dick head is still ranting and raving about how awful I am, that I don't want to spend anytime with him doing things he likes,(yeah the hockey games that I got dragged to don't seem to count, nor do the ones where I sat freezing my ass off watching him play on a Senior C leauge) and that he was going to go to a Broadway show with me. (Mind you I cannot get him to take me to the local theater here to see one of the traveling versions of the show for half the price of what it would cost there). I hadn't even been planning on taking in a show on this trip. So he starts pouting and tells me not to book it, that he doesn't want to go if I don't go to a game with him, blah blah blah waah waah waah. I told him that I'd go but that I would not be a happy camper but noooooo he wanted to continue his hissy fit. Fine what ever!

I just think it is funny that when he does not want to do what I want to do it is ok for me to go and do it alone, and that he is happy that he does not get dragged along. But heaven forbid that I don't want to do something he wants to do. What the hell is up with that? So anyway I didn't book the trip and I will be damned if I book it tomorrow or any day after that. I'll take that money and do something with the girls, (probably with out dick head), or go and buy some new furniture that we desperately need.


Stinky John Jones said...

Here is a solution to your problem....use your own discretion could backfire.

Not long ago my Mom planned a trip for her and my Dad. Everything was booked included tickets to the events she planned on doing.
Not long before, my Dad threw a similar temper tantrum as to what your experiencing. He refused to go. So what is a wife to do? Well, she took me. And we had a great time!
To this day, he is in for whatever is happening cause it really sucked for him to stay home a see pictures of just how much fun we had!
ha! I think that is definitely one for the women's side.
high five!

Neen said...

Now there is an idea, I should book it for my sister and myself. We'd have a blast.

Jennifer said...

hey girl!!






You just have to!! No "if's" "and's" or "but's" about it!! You just have to!!! I am telling you there is NOTHING else in the world like it!! really!!

You will love it... you kids will LOVE it... and even DH will love it... (that can mean dear husband or dick head... which ever you want it to mean) ;) It is amazing!! there are a million things to do and see you are right!! there is central park, Rockefeller Plaza (where i got enaged while ice skating there) you can go up ontop of the Rock...which I highly suggest... i haven't been up there but have been up ontop of the WTC... and it was LITERALLY breath takingly beautiful... almost like you could cry it is sooooo amazing!!
there is TOYS R US, and FAO Schwartz... and a million other things that you just HAVE to see at least once in your lifetime, and it would be truly amazing for your children to see it all also. My 4 yr old son begs us to go back to the BIG city!! :) he LOVES it there!!
being a Yankee fan... and this being the last year they are in that stadium before they buil another one and tear that down, I would see why your DH would want to go... understandable, but he could go with his brother... you are right. he shouldn't be so stubborn.

i REALLY hope you that you guys get to go!! it is just the BEST thing ever!! well one of, the best things ever... seriously!!

GO!!! you have to!!!