Friday, June 6, 2008

Having a heatwave here

Greetings from a tropical paradise! Wait I am still at home in the B-lo! How can this be?? Here it is quarter after seven in the evening and it is 89º. 89º! It never gets this hot this early in the year. In face it seldom reaches 90º on the hottest of summer days here. I am loving it. I am a creature of the heat, I thrive on days like this, love to go out and soak up the heat. It makes my body feel so nice. I cannot stand the cold anything under 75 is cold to me. I should be outside right now, but don't want Mads out there.

She is doing way better today, looks almost normal, she was back to picking on her younger sister. I think I'll take her to dance class in the morning, and to the birthday party on Sunday.

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Jennifer said...

we have been having a heat wave too... but ours has come with lots of HUMIDITY!! now, don't get my wrong, i like the warmth and the heat but the freakin' humidity is killing me these days!! ugh. it is almost like you can't catch a breath of air it is so thick here.

thankfully today is a lot better, still HOT out... 82 this AM when I drove my son to school and it is getting hotter, but there doesn't seem to be any humidity. :)

enjoy the warmth!!