Thursday, June 12, 2008


Now that Hairspray is on HBO, it is Lillian's favorite thing to watch. She really is a girl after my own heart when it comes to love of musicals.

Today was the last day of dance classes before the recital and while the "dancers" were downstairs doing their thing she was keeping all the mom's entertained by singing songs from the movie and dancing.

They have her pegged as the show stealer for next year's recital. It will be her first year of dancing. Everyone there loves her so much she is such the character. Miss Casey and Miss Katie two of the high school girls who help teach told me today that they want to know what class she will be in so they can be the teachers of that class.

Last week Rose one of the other moms, gave me a bag full of clothes that her girls outgrew and in there were a couple leotards. Lilly has been living in them all week. She even wore one to the studio tonight much to Rose's delight. Lilly in dancing clothes was the hit of the night. Everyone was loving it. Andboy was she flaunting it too. It feels so great having so many people really like your kids.

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