Sunday, June 22, 2008

Look out NYC here I come

Looks like we will be going to NYC in a few weeks. Ed booked the trip through Expedia. And I don't have to go to the game. He is going with his brother. Dave I LOVE YOU! (Dave is my bil). He wants me to pick a Broadway show to see while we are up there. I have no clue I want to see so many! I also want to be one of those crazy people who line up early for the Today Show. I love the Today Show and watch it every morning. I will be 2 blocks away from Rockerfeller Center so I think I just may go on Friday morning. Watch for me I'll have to make a sign LMAO!


Jennifer said...

yay!!! oh. i'm so excited for you. you will love every single minute of it. i really cannot wait to hear all about your trip.

your hubby rocks!!

this is awesome. NYC and a show and maybe getting to meet Matt, Al, Meredith and Anne!! :) You go girl!! :)

when are you going???


Neen said...

Friday morning. I am stoked I will have to buy an autograph book hee hee~

Jennifer said...

i will look for you!! :) I'm even going to get up extra early to make sure i don't miss ya!! :)

you go girl!!

i cannot wait to see your pics.. you better take lots!!