Monday, June 23, 2008

going out today

My aunt won a free room at a local hotel/ casino so we are taking the girls there overnight. They can go swimming and a state park is right near by we can go there for a bit. So until tomorrow cheers!


Jennifer said...

good for you, love!! you deserve a girls night out... even with the little girls!! :)

I hope you all had/have a great time!! :0


Neen said...

Had a blast gambled for a bit and won $50. I was only playing the penny machines too.

Jennifer said...

wooo hooo... that is awesome!! i would love to win some money. :) the last time i went to a casino, i was 8 months pregnant with the girls and my mom and i went as a little last trip before them, and I won $90 on a ten cent machine. :)

you can save that towards your NYC trip!!

xxoxoxo congrats!!